A world of data breaches and a wake of privacy concerns the ability to charge smart devices securely has never been more straightforward. Datablock is your conduit to safety. It’s compact and easy to use design allows for effortless carrying and fits in almost anywhere.

To use the device simply connect any USB cable to DataBlock input and then connect the output to any USB port for quick, safe and secure power charging.





Mobile and other smart devices are part of our everyday lives but battery life often falls short of desired expectations. No matter how cautious you are about moving around with a fully charged phone, there comes a time when using a public charging booth is unavoidable. The rise of open charging ports is an Oasis in the desert.

These charging stations are vulnerable! Due to the design of USB cables that allow both power and data to be transferred simultaneously.


Juice Jacking is a cyber hack aimed at smartphones when using free public charging stations. Malware is installed on the device through the USB charging port and transferring all data is possible.


DataBlock an easy-to-use adapter that prevents accidental data transfer when your smart device is connected to a USB outlet. DataBlock acts as a conduit between any smart device and all USB charging cable. Datablock prevents the theft of data and stops the installation of malware on smart devices.


Datablock can be used at home, the office or any public location, It is designed for anybody on the go, Consumers who constantly travel, Individuals who frequently stay in hotels. Gym and Coffeeshop addicts as well as Casinos, Shopping malls, and the latest movie theaters.

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Black, Silver, Green, Red, Blue


V1, V2, V3


1 unit, 4 pack, 8 set