Charging Ports

There are several companies offering rentals and purchases of multi-unit mobile phone charging stations.  These include: GoRentals[1], RapidCharge[2] (offer sale and rental of charging stations), Moonrock[3] (offer rental of their units for rapid phone charging, located in Cape Town and surrounding areas), MSH Charging Stations[4] (providing full servicing and rental of advertised units at client events), RiCharge[5] (no longer seem to have an active website, however seem to offer rental of charging units to businesses intended for use by the renting client’s clientele[6]).  There are phone charging stations at a company called Rush with two locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town[7]; the number of ports is unknown.

USB charging points are installed at Sandton City Food Court and there are USB charging points in airports, on international flights, travel coaches, modern cars.  The total number of USB charging ports is difficult to determine as the existence of the ports at target locations is difficult to establish.  However, in aeroplanes, every passenger is afforded a USB charging outlet and large aeroplane carriers are able to transport 544 passengers translating to an estimated 544 USB charging ports per plane[8].  There are a reported 15,000,000 international passengers travelling from main international airports in Cape Town and Johannesburg[9].

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