Juice Jacking

Juice Jacking vs Video Jacking

Technical Speak on Juice Jacking

Juice Jacking is the process of hacking into smart devices by way of a USB port that acts as a conduit for power supply and data transfer. Fraudsters illegally obtain access to a smart device and its data, share screens, and inject harmful malware into the device via this process.

In layman’s terms – juice jacking is the process of hacking into a smartphone or other smart devices via a compromised USB charging port. This could happen when you are charging your smartphone at a public charging booth located at airports, hospitals, coffee shops, or any of several public places.

Until recently, Juice Jacking belonged to twisted fairy tales. Today, however, it’s real, and anybody who charges their smart devices at a public charging booth is susceptible to this attack.

Files that can be hacked through compromised USB charging ports include photos, contacts, notes, messages, videos, private folders, and music.

How do I know whether my phone has been juice jacked?

Juice jacking may cause a phone to shut down. If you have charged your device at a public charging booth in the recent past and notice that your data has been compromised, there is a chance you were juice jacked. New spyware installation and a sudden malware attack is also a sign of juice jacking.

Is juice jacking avoidable?

The hardware and the software of all devices make every smart device susceptible to juice jacking. In all these devices, the same USB cable is used for both power and data transfer. As of now, the only way to prevent juice jacking is to avoid public charging booths.

Is juice jacking the same as video-jacking

The idea behind juice jacking and video jacking is the same – to illegally obtain information from a smart device. But while juice jacking makes use of a compromised USB ports to hack into a network or system, video jacking makes use of an HDMI cable. Juice Jacking transfers data to the hacker’s device; but in video jacking, a device’s screen is mirrored onto the hacker’s device screen.

Will there be another solution to juice jacking in the foreseeable future?

Yes. A DataBlock is a small, portable device created to counteract juice jacking. The device is easy to use, inexpensive, and guaranteed to prevent juice jacking.

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