DataBlock - JuiceJacking Solution


How DataBlock Works

Before we get into how DataBlock works, let us take a step back and quickly understand why a DataBlock is necessary and what it does.

USB charging ports and USB charging cables transfer both data and power and therefore are easy portals for illegal hacking activities. When charging a smart device through a compromised USB port that has been set up by a hacker (such as in a free charging booth), the smart device communicates with the hacker’s device (usually hidden in the charging booth) through the USB cable. The hacker can now seamlessly transfer data from the smart device that is being charged through the USB cable to the hacker’s device. This illegal hacking method is known as juice jacking.

A DataBlock prevents hackers from juice jacking your smart devices.

What is DataBlock?

A DataBlock is an inexpensive, easy-to-transport device and a very practical solution against juice jacking. It is a simple plug-and-play USB adapter that successfully prevents the transfer of data from your smart device to an unknown device, or vice versa. To be more specific, it prevents hackers from hacking into your smart device to rob your private data or upload malicious software to your smart device.

How does DataBlock work?

A DataBlock allows your smart device to charge up while it simultaneously cuts off all connections of the data transfer pins in the USB. This is done electronically, while still permitting a power supply to flow through to your smart device that is being charged. By preventing the flow of data, malicious software cannot be transferred to the charging device. So, your device is 100% protected against juice jacking.

How to set up a DataBlock?

A DataBlock can be installed in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is insert the USB cable into the DataBlock, and then plug the opposite side of the cable into your smart device.


No matter how cautious you are about moving around with a fully charged phone, there comes a time when using a public charging booth is unavoidable. A DataBlock can be used safely in public charging stations or can be connected to an unknown device without the risk of compromising the data stored in your device.

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